Mission and objectives

Mission of Lithuanian Innovation Centre is provision of the innovation support services by implementing Lithuanian innovation policy. 

The main strategic goal of LIC is the increasing of Lithuanian international competitiveness by stimulating innovations in business. This goal is divided into the following objectives:

  • To foster capabilities of the companies to develop and implement innovations.
  • To accelerate commercialization of achievements of advanced sciences.
  • To decrease the risk of innovation implementation.

LIC services and activities:

  • Enterprise Europe Network in Lithuania helps enterprises, research institutes, universities, technology centres and innovation agencies in procuring or marketing technologies and identifying partners for technological cooperation in Europe. (http://ipc.lic.lt)
  • Consultancy services regarding the absorption of the resources of EU Structural Funds in developing and implementing innovation, research and development projects.
  • Participation in and implementation of various European research and development projects (BSR InnoNet; INNO-DEAL; smE-MPOWER; EPISTEP; ARISE; EPIST; GET-IN; IST WORLD; PRO NMS; BOOSTING BALTIC FP6; LSH-ACC-MENTOR).
  • Publication of catalogue of Lithuanian innovative companies “Gateway to Innovation in Lithuania”. The purpose of the catalogue is to present Lithuanian industrial and technological potential to European enterprises and institutions. (www.gate2inno.lt)
  • Development of the regional innovation strategy (RIS LITHUANIA – INNPULSE). The purpose of the project is to prepare a regional innovation strategy for Vilnius, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, Šiauliai and Telšiai counties.
  • Administration of web portal on innovation issues. (www.inovacijos.lt)
  • Organisation of the annual contest “Innovation Award” in Lithuania. The aim of the contest is to foster the entrepreneurial thinking, technological development and to provide a possibility for enterprises to self-assess their competitiveness and innovativeness. (www.inovacijuprizas.lt)
  • National technology platform centre (NTPC) supports and promotes the activities of national technology platforms by rendering to them the required information and advisory services. (www.ntplatformos.lt)
  • Evaluation of company innovativeness “Innov‘check”. Methodic is based on SWOT analysis of innovation processes in the company.
  • Lithuanian Innovation Centre publishes articles on various topics concerning innovation.
  • Participation in the regional innovation support project TEICO-Net. The aim of the project is to improve and innovate instruments, programmes and policies of participating regions in order to promote regional development, knowledge-based regional economies, technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

While achieving its goals LIC provides public (free of charge) innovation support services and promotes innovation culture in Lithuania.

Lithuanian Innovation Centre activities are organised on the project basis. LIC takes part in various tenders, calls for proposals announced by European Union, other international organisations and Lithuanian Government. Activities are carried out and services provided after the applications is approved and financial support is ensured. Since 1996, LIC have been carrying out more than 90 projects.

Each year LIC on average provides 5000 services (consultations, trainings, researches, technological missions) for more than 1000 clients (business enterprises and research institutions)  

Today, LIC employs a core team – permanent staff of 19 persons, 4 project managers, 9 project consultants, 3 project assistants and 3 people in administration (director, director assistant and financier).

Lithuanian Innovation Centre was established on February 1st 1996 as a non-profit organisation and 1997 was reorganized to public organisation. The first shareholders and founders of LIC were United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ministry of Education and Science and Lithuanian Stock Innovation Bank.

Now shareholders of LIC are the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Education and Science and the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.


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