„BSR Stars S3“

„BSR Stars S3“

Smart specialisation through cross-sectoral Bio-, Circular- and Digital economy ecosystems








BSR Stars S3 project follows the tradition of innovation cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region.


The main objective is to improve capacities of innovation actors (SMEs, universities, business development organizations, regional authorities and national policymakers) to apply a transnational approach in the implementation of regional smart specialization (S3) strategies. The project focuses on the fields of bio-, circular- and digital economy leveraged from the S3 strategies of the participating regions of Skåne (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Tampere (Finland), Vilnius (Lithuania) and SorTrondelag (Norway).


The introduction of the concept of smart specialization has challenged European regions to establish innovation driven development strategies that focus on areas of strength and competitive advantage. Even though regions desire to leverage their own strengths in combination with innovation capacity in other regions transnationally, the existing structures, operational mechanisms and financing frames are not suited to these transnational ambitions.


BSR Stars S3 project will organize pilots for connecting stakeholders across borders, such as a voucher system for transnational usage of test facilities and S3 accelerator camps. Also, an online tool for regional innovation ecosystem process management will be developed and piloted during the project. The project will engage SMEs in regional public-research-business events, transnational coaching, research-to-business platform and piloting transnational access to bio-economy test facilities in the BSR.


The project will engage the regions in developing and testing new tools and methods for regional and transnational implementation of S3 as well as additional regions in learning and policy development activities.


Project events organised in Vilnius.


Leader: The Baltic Institute of Finland (Lead Partner)


Partners: Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LT); MITA – Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (LT); Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (LT); Council of Tampere Region (FI); Nordic Council of Ministers (DK); Baltic Development Forum (DK); Business Link Greater Copenhagen (DK); The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (SE); Region Skåne (SE); Sor-Trondelag County Authority (NO);


Project duration: 1 May 2016 – 30 April 2019 (36 months)


Total project budget: 2,9 M €


Contacts: Giedrė Stumbrytė, Project manager, Ph. No.: +370 5 2356116, e-mail g.stumbryte@lic.lt




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