Arvydas Strumskis

Arvydas Strumskis

Business Angel Fund I, Managing Partner

Fund Manager, over 15 years of experience in private equity and venture funds management, over 7 years – in start-ups and SME investment and business development, and 8 years of experience in management consulting. Board member at several portfolio and private companies.

Arvydas Strumskis acquired his experience during 1998-2005 working as a management team member for the Baltic Post-Privatisation Fund established by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He also held the position of a member or the Chairman of the Board in a number of companies in Lithuania and and abroad.

In 1998, Arvydas Strumskis worked as the Head of Siar-Bossard (later merged with Gemini Consulting) branch in Lithuania, in 1997 – manager of the company’s branch in the Ukraine. Major clients of the company then included a number of international companies exploring strategic development possibilities in the Baltic States, such as Baltic Beverage Holding, Tamro, Statoil, Assi Domain, and other Scandinavian and French companies.


Arvydas Strumskis is a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics of Vilnius University, and the CapGemini International Business School in Paris.

Arvydas Strumskis achievements in promoting entrepreneurship were recognized in 2012, Vilnius City St. Cristofer award.

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