Barbara Tišler

Barbara Tišler

Head of project management office at the National Institute of Chemsitry Slovenia

Dr. Barbara Tišler, chemical technologist is active in the field of circular economy from 2005 onwards, with specialisation on packaging materials including household packaging. She was an active member of Brussels based umbrella organisation Pro Europe till 2012, promoting circular economy principles in connection with extended producer responsibility obligations. She was also a member of Statistic council od Slovenia for environment and an evaluator and raporteur of Eco Innovation calls for Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation at the European Commission.


The purpose of the Strategic Research Innovation Partnership (SRIP) is to establish long-term viability of public-private partnerships with the leading role of the stakeholders (in countries) in building value chains and the organization of comprehensive support for research and innovation activities, primarily the economy, with the aim of transition to a market known priority areas S3 , smart specialization strategies Slovenia. The primary mission of the Strategic research and innovation partnerships SRIP – Circular economy is a link to the Slovenian economy, educational and research institutions, non-governmental organizations and interested individuals in the so-called new value chain according to the principles of economics closed material flows. The aim is to sustainably increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the domestic economy, including the development and deployment of advanced (processing / manufacturing) technologies and optimized industrial processes for the production of high-quality products at reducing the consumption of resources, especially non-renewable fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy / raw material resources and reducing unused waste. Systematic development areas to increase efficiency and competitiveness of the economy is of crucial strategic importance for the Slovenian and European industry breakthrough in increasing the share of manufacturing in the global competitive market where we want to remain the best.

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