Danas Tvarijonavičius

Danas Tvarijonavičius

Dr. Danas Tvarijonavičius acts as Chairman of the Board as well as Head of R&D and Industrial Development at the largest Northern-Eastern plant-based industrial biotech company Amilina AB. Amilina is an R&D driven, export oriented, large scale start-up which has grown from just an idea to invest 50 mln EUR in 2005 into 153 mln EUR revenue business in 2016 servicing paper, food, feed and chemistry industries in the EU and Worldwide. Amilina recently became part of the Roquette corporate, one of the 5 world leaders in the starch manufacturing industry to implement expansion projects.  It has adopted an approach of permanent innovations in products and solutions as well as technologies, has entered into partnerships with many industrial and scientific partners in the public and private sectors from numerous countries in order to share skill and expertise.


Previously Danas has been chairing Malsena AB, a FMCG company producing bakery flour & pasta for Baltic and nearby markets. Before grain processing industries he co-owned one of the largest European phosphate fertilizer company Lifosa (Lithuania). He has background in biochemistry (PhD in the area of protein chemistry) and also previous business background in trading of petroleum and petrochemicals for international Co.

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