Gintautas Pangonis

Gintautas Pangonis

Gintautas Pangonis – the President and Chairman of the board of Grigeo, AB, the only paper and wood industry company group in Lithuania. Having accumulated extensive managerial experience in telecommunication business Gintautas has taken the lead of Grigeo, AB in 2001 and guided the company through the significant innovation processes since then. Gintautas is the recipient of V. A. Graičiūnas award for successful practical management activities, personal merits in corporate governance and development, and the high performance indicators of the companies he manages. In 2016 he was also granted Petras Vileišis gold medal by Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialist for the merits in contributing to the development of Lithuanian industry and business.

Grigeo, AB is one of the largest paper and wood industry company groups in the Baltic countries, developing its activity since 1823. The Group includes the following companies: Grigeo, AB, Grigeo Klaipėda, AB, Grigeo Baltwood, UAB, Grigeo Recycling, UAB and Mena Pak, PAT, altogether covering almost the entire processing cycle of wood and paper components ranging from the collection and processing of waste paper, wood processing, and own biofuel production to the production and sale of high-quality products (tissue paper, packaging paper, paper honeycomb, corrugated cardboard and packaging, and hardboard). Throughout the years of its activities, the group has been actively investing in development and equipment modernization (in recent years the investments of the group amounted to more than 50 million euros) and consolidating its positions in foreign markets. The Group currently employs around 800 employees and the annual sales reaches more than 100 million euros.

All of the group companies have a long and interesting history, and the oldest ones have gone through many hardships over time, including world wars, occupations and nationalization. This is proof that business knowledge, flexibility and persistent work in the paper and wood processing industry is inherent to Grigeo gene pool. And not in vain, because after all, the Group’s corporate history starts with the history of the Lithuanian paper industry.

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