InnoSummit 2017

John Erlan Ostergaard

John Erland Østergaard, Ph.D. and MBA, (former Professor MSO and Institute Director-SDU, CEO-Alight Technologies, Project Manager-NKT Research and Innovation) has a Ph.D. degree within semi-conductor optics and his research led to startup of the company Alight Technologies (2002) and DOPS Annual Price 2002. He has been research leader on a large research project under the Strategic Research Council within plasmonic sensing (2006-2008). As Innovation Professor he founded the company Fionia Lighting A/S (2008) which today produces LED based light for greenhouses, as well as Othonia Curing Technology A/S (2012) which develops LED based functional light-sources for industrial hardening processes. As Co-CEO at Blue Ocean Robotics he is head of the R&D department and has focused his work on innovation in the robotics business sector. In this respect, he has been leading several large cross-disciplinary research- development- and innovation projects focusing on creating industrial and business impact, specifically bridging from the academic to the business world. He has established a very strong international network to more than 5.000 piers in Europe and around the world.


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