Joost Nijhoff

Joost Nijhoff

Joost is the head of Invest in Odense, part of the mayor’s department at Odense City Hall and a successful matchmaker and bridgebuilder between cultures, businesses and people. Before moving to local government, Joost was business developer at Odense Robotics, worked as CEO and International Sales Director at several media houses in Germany and Sweden/Denmark with special focus on Business Development of digital / online content. Joost also played various roles in EU projects like Oscar e-Content and (SILVER, Supporting Independent Living of the Elderly through Robotics. He is a senior business developer with in-depth knowledge of several European industries (f.i. Robotics, Health Technologies, Digital Publishing, Travel), wide international and inter-cultural experience.

Joost studied law at the University of Amsterdam and has a management diploma from University College Lillebælt.



Odense Municipality supports the robotics ecosystem in various ways:

–          By funding the cluster Odense Robotics – the unique eco system of companies, education and research institutes specializing in robotics and automation in the region of the Danish city of Odense. Together, they create a unique cluster of technology (with 100+ companies and 2600+ employees) that fosters innovation from creative conception to industrial production. This environment offers ambitious technology companies prime conditions for growth.

–          By running Invest in Odense / Odense & Co – creating growth through partnerships between businesses, organisations and people. The strategy to achieve success includes helping new and existing companies to accelerate growth, offering a physical location that inspires and supports innovation and introducing a global network that enables businesses to grow further and faster. Odense focusses its efforts on robotics, drones, health-tech/IT and major business events.

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