Kęstutis Jasiūnas

Kęstutis Jasiūnas

Kęstutis Jasiūnas is the CEO of EKSPLA, one of the Lithuania’s largest laser development and manufacturing companies. Kęstutis has obtained a PhD degree in Physics and managed to transfer his knowledge into high value-added business. Mr. Jasiūnas is also actively participating in Lithuanian scientific processes, and serves as Member of the Board of the Research Council of Lithuania, Knowledge Economy Forum and Physical Sciences and Technology Centre. EKSPLA is also a member of Lithuanian Laser Association, while Mr. Jasiūnas is the Vice-president of Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania LINPRA. In 2007 Mr. Jasiūnas, together with other scientists and entrepreneurs, received the Partnership Award of the National Advancement Awards. This was an acknowledgement of his major contribution to consolidation between Lithuanian laser industry and science. In 2013 Mr. Jasiūnas was awarded The Order for Merits to Lithuania the Cross of the Knight.

EKSPLA is manufacturer of lasers, laser systems and laser components for R&D and industrial applications. Since its establishment the company has aimed at production of high performance advanced solutions in the laser industry. New ideas, broad knowledge of its engineers and physicists coupled with skilled and experienced staff have transformed EKSPLA into one of the most innovative companies in Lithuania that focuses on high-added value production and innovation.

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