Kęstutis Jusčius

Kęstutis Jusčius

Since May 14, 2015 Kęstutis Juščius is a Chairman and Member of the Board at AUGA group. AUGA Group, AB is the largest of companies of organic farming and agricultural investment in Lithuania and one of the largest in Europe. The group companies are guided by a vision that environmentally friendly and sustainably grown foods should be available to everyone.


In implementing this vision, AUGA group creates a business model unique in Europe, based on the latest scientific knowledge, upgrading and adaptation of eco-friendly farming technologies in all processes of farming, animal husbandry and mushroom growing.


Kęstutis Juščius is also the founder and a Chairman of the Board at Baltic Champs Group leading field mushroom producer in the Baltic States. In addition, he serves as Chairman and Member of The Supervisory Council at Mycela SA.

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