Laurynas Jokužis

Laurynas Jokužis

Laurynas Jokužis is Elinta project manager and Chairman of the Lithuanian Electric Vehicles Association with an 10+ year experience in the field of EVs and engineering practice ranging from electric bikes, motorcycles to commercial electric vehicles. His job involves coordination of startup companies, including Elinta Motors, Elinta Charge and Rubbee.

Company name Elinta combines from two words – Electronics and Intelligence. Elinta companies group from Lithuania was founded in 1991 based on designing high-tech, disruptive electronics and automated control systems technology created by our engineer’s team which has been developed over a period of 25 years. Our principal facility and headquarters are in Kaunas Free Economic Zone, Lithuania.

Our core technologies range from production of automation systems, electronic components and cutting-edge image processing tools to electric mobility. We sell our products in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Elinta was recognized Lithuania’s most advanced high-tech sector company in the innovative solutions of the Knowledge Economy Company.

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