Lina Sabaitienė

Lina Sabaitienė

Lina Sabaitienė is a Vice-Minister of Economy responsible for the EU affairs, innovation and investment policies as well as for the coordination and control of their implementation. Mrs. Sabaitienė has experience in the field of promoting innovation and investment in Lithuania and has a broad view of the Lithuanian economic situation and perspective, as for 19 years she has been involved in dealing with issues regarding industry, business regulation, local authorities in Lithuania.


Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania is responsible for the economic policymaking as well as for the competitiveness raising by improving business environment and regulation, development of small and medium business, innovation, investment and export promotion. The Ministry is involved in coordinating issues of business and science co-operation, research and development policies. Coordination of innovation support organizations such as science and technology parks and business incubators also belong to the field of activities of the Ministry of Economy.

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