Tadas Langaitis

Tadas Langaitis

Tadas Langaitis is a Member of the Lithuanian Parliament, a Lithuanian civic activist, former businessman and investor. Currently, Tadas is the chairman of the Subcommittee on High Technologies, Innovations and Digital Economy at the Lithuanian Parliament.


Tadas graduated from Stockholm School of Economics. CFA. He first worked at Hansabank Markets and founded the investment banking unit of Hansabank (now – Swedbank) in Lithuania. Later Tadas participated in founding LHV investment bank as well as LHV New Economy Ventures, the first venture capital fund in the Baltics, which returned the money 7.7 times to its investors.


Early on Tadas invested in IT startups as an angel investor. Webmedia (now – Nortal) was founded in 2000 in Estonia and developed into the largest IT services company in the Baltics by 2008, with Tadas working as Webmedia Group CFO, responsible for international expansion.


2008-2014 Tadas has focused on social investments and social entrepreneurship in Lithuania. He is a co-founder of multiple non-profit organizations, various national social and civic projects. For social entrepreneurship Tadas was nominated as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Swedish Business Awards as well as awarded “For Merits to Lithuania” medal by the President of Lithuania.


With the goal to change stagnating political landscape in Lithuania, Tadas joined Homeland Union political party and ran its parliamentary election campaign in 2015-2016 as the campaign manager. After winning the first round and taking the second place in the second round of the national elections, Tadas became MP in the second largest political faction in the Lithuanian Parliament.

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