Thomas Solupajev-Ronlev

Thomas Solupajev-Ronlev

Thomas Solupajev-Ronlev is co-founder and sales director of the company Factobotics –

Thomas being Dane of origin has been working and living in Lithuania for almost 20 years, working as an advisor to Danish investors wanting to invest into Lithuania and the other two Baltic States. Assisting mostly companies from manufacturing industries, firstly to invest into and building factories in Lthuania/Baltic States, where the cost level was significantly lower than in Scandinavia, later with more and more focus on the highly technically and creatively skilled people in Lithuania.

Thomas was for a number of years heading Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania and as such responsible together with the Confederation of Danish Industries and the Danish Embassy in Lithuania for a very high profiled business delegation from Denmark to Lithuania with HRH Crown Prince Frederik in the lead of the delegation. Thomas is presently Chairman of Lithuanian Robotics Association.

Factobotics is a Lithuanian Robotic company setting new standards for industry robotics and creating/supplying standard robotic solutions for the industry. Factobotics creates strong robotics business cases, by:

  •       matching client needs with cutting edge, yet proven robotic solutions
  •       if the robotic solutions do not exist – we develop it, eventually in partnerships with the first client – and commercialize it

Lithuanian Robotics Association was founded by key robotic companies in search for joint business opportunities and in order to develop the robotics industry in Lithuania. The Association seeks to expand the robotic business in Lithuania by making Lithuanian robotic sector known to the international players. Lithuanian Robotics Association also works on creation of strong local partnerships in order to stimulate business cooperation across the whole value chain, and seeks to address policy challenges that restrict from pursuing robotics growth potential. As part of those activities, the Association coordinates the creation of Digital Innovation Hub for Robotics in Lithuania.

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