Vilius Šapoka

Vilius Šapoka

Mr. Vilius Šapoka occupies the position of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania. In 2003 he was granted the Master’s Degree in Economics at Vilnius University, he also studied in the Baltic Management Institute as well as underwent training at the European Commission. For 5 years Mr. V. Šapoka held the position of the Director of the Financial Services and Markets Department at the Bank of Lithuania, and prior to that – for 3 years of the Chairman of the Lithuanian Securities Commission.


The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania is an executive body, the mission of which is to formulate and implement an effective policy of public finances in order to ensure the country’s macroeconomic stability and economic development. The strategic objectives of the Ministry include the formation of fiscal policy which promotes trust in macroeconomic stability and ensures effective and economic management as well as the use of public funds and the European Union assistance. It also ensures the development of the financial sector and smooth implementation of other financial instruments.

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