Vytautas Kazlauskas

Vytautas Kazlauskas

Vytautas Kazlauskas – CEO of company Robotex and board member of Lithuanian Robotics Association, studied information technology at Kaunas University of Technology. Gathered B2B experience working for metal industry company by establishing new partnerships with Western European companies, after sales increased and overloaded the manufacturing recourses became the head of manufacturing. In 2014th became the CEO of company Robotex, focused on entering the Western European markets and increase the robotic solution quality to European standards. Robotex currently provides robotic automation solutions in Baltics and Western European region, in 2017 is expected to reach the turnover of 1 million Euro from field of robotic integration. Also Vytautas is an active board member of Lithuanian Robotics Association and is the head of the industry group that is responsible in establishing the close communication with main traditional industry companies, helping the to identify and overcome the restraints of rapid automation and lay down roadmap of long term automation strategy.

UAB Robotex – Today’s consumer demands require the highest quality products manufactured under production at the lowest possible cost. To achieve these objectives, the most prevalent and rapidly evolving phenomenon of the production process automation by introducing robots. In 2007  robotics department was founded in UAB Alsena. In the same year first automation projects were developed and implemented using industrial robots, successfully automating product palletizing and wooden pallet manufacturing processes. In 2008 it was decided to reorganize the department into a separate independent company. In 2009 February department started their activities as JSC “ROBOTEX. The same year in May UAB ROBOTEX becomes an official partner of the international concern ABB. Currently JSC “ROBOTEX” is at rapid growth state, implementing new automation solutions in Baltic and Western markets. In 2017 is expected to reach the turnover of 1 million Euro from field of robotic integration. JSC “ROBOTEX” mainly specializes and excels in providing automation solution for IKEA supply chain companies mainly in furniture industry. Also specializes in wooden pallet industry solutions and palletizing of bags, boxes and other type of packed products.

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