GoSmart BSR

Strengthening smart specialisation by fostering transnational cooperation

The most critical and vulnerable group of actors dealing with Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) are Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which largely fall behind other players in terms of innovation activities and investments in research & development (R&D). GoSmart BSR develops a new transnational approach to S3 and introduces a system of fostering SMEs internationalisation.

The project aims to boost transnational cooperation among industry, the research & development sector, and authorities in employing smart specialisation strategies in regions in the eastern parts of the Baltic Sea region.

The main expected results are functioning, and sustainable Transnational Innovation Brokerage System and SMEs Joint Smart Strategies implemented across partner regions. GoSmart BSR promotes mutual learning, sharing best practices and translating smart specialisation strategies into practical joint actions of small and medium sized enterprises. GoSmart BSR also improves public authorities’ understanding and effectiveness in supporting innovation and internationalisation of businesses and R&D actors. In this way, the project supports deeper economic and innovation-driven integration in the Baltic Sea region and beyond.

Project website: https://gosmartbsr.eu/

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The project is acting under Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme.

Project duration: 1 October 2017 – 31 March 2021

Total project budget: EUR 1,76 M, European regional development fund

Lithuanian Innovation Center
Organization code 110066875
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