In to the sun

The objective of the actions, in the framework of this project, implemented by Lithuanian, Italian, Moldavian and Georgian BSOs, is to enhance the trade relationship and open business opportunities between EaP countries and EU member states by providing the Georgian and Moldavian organic food producers/processors, especially focusing on rural areas, with guidance regarding entering or expanding their presence on the EU market, equipping them with information addressing trade benefits, increasing number of their business contacts and as a result, help fostering business linkages.

When implementing the actions, the project team also aims to encourage business linkages between Georgian and Moldavian SMEs selected throughout the project. This will enable them to strengthen the organic food value chain by connecting different stakeholders from the value chain (for instance Moldavian primary food producers and Georgian food processors) and as a result, create a final product targeting the EU market (we can focus on more specific products), share best practices and ensure the cooperation between companies.


Project partners:

The project is acting under EU4Business: Connecting Companies call.

Project duration: 2021.08.01-2022.01.31 (6 months)

Total project budget: EUR 59996,96,


Lithuanian Innovation Center
Organization code 110066875
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