Key tools to assess and improve soft innovation policies

The competitiveness of SMEs and their resilience with respect to the global economic turmoil is certainly strongly linked to their capacity to innovate. However, innovation dynamics aren’t only dependent on R&D and technological change, but often rely on less evident, less formalized and more difficult to assess factors, mainly involving organizational and relational dimensions.

The objective of the project is to improve the capability of public policymakers to develop efficient policies supporting non – formal, soft and open innovation processes in the regional actors, with a focus on non – R&D – driven and social innovation.

To achieve the project’s objectives and results, the interregional learning process will pursue a robust exchange of experiences between partners and stakeholders’ groups, by emphasising their motivation and critical thinking with activities of non-formal learning. A practical approach will help to focus on the analysis and obtain close observations of the real soft innovation practices occurring in the territories. A participatory approach will offer the opportunity to enlarge the learning process and ensure a wider identification of all needs and solutions.

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The project is acting under Interreg Europe programme.

Project duration: 1 August 2019 – 31 January 2022

Total project budget: EUR 1,56 M, European regional development fund.

Lithuanian Innovation Center
Organization code 110066875
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