Pioneering Innovative Food for Seniors

With the rapid development of science and medicine, more and more Europeans are reaching old age (estimated to be 30% higher in 2060 than at present). There is a perceived lack of research in the food sector, leading to a lack of innovation in emerging foods and services. Growing older, it becomes increasingly difficult for human bodies to assimilate and metabolize nutrients. Also, the elderly lose their appetite, resulting in nutritional deficiencies.

The project aims to encourage SMEs in the food industry to develop innovative foods for seniors, demonstrating the potential of this niche. Also, to promote cooperation between science and business – by providing representatives of vocational training with knowledge and competencies about the development of innovative food products.

The project will use innovative approaches to strengthen critical innovation and entrepreneurial skills that will help companies seize this niche market opportunity to develop new foods and services in the silver economy. During the project, it is planned to create an online platform, which will include teaching materials on innovative food and good practices of the countries. It is expected that 500+ companies and vocational training organizers will benefit from this learning platform.

The project is funded by Erasmus+ programme.

Project website:

The aim of the project is – to create lasting impact for food businesses, particularly SMEs and their employees and to use innovative methods to enhance critical innovation and entrepreneurial skills that help companies capitalize on this niche market opportunity for new food products and services within the “Silver Economy“. Also, it is expected to increase knowledge exchange between food sector and academia.



Duration – 2020.11.01-2022.10.31

Budget –288.034,00 EUR

Lithuanian Innovation Center
Organization code 110066875
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