National projects

Improving the professional competencies of accountants, bookkeepers and auditors

The goal of the project is – to ensure continuous maintenance of the qualification level of the employees of the companies by providing them with the highest quality training.

Duration: 2019.06.11 – 2022.06.11 (36 months)

Budget: 494 342,04 Eur

Integration of Lithuanian Business into International Development and Innovation Value Chains (InterInoLT)

The goal of the project is – to create a network of Lithuanian Development and Innovation Representatives (“Ambassadors”), who would communicate the potential of Lithuanian Development and Innovation (D&I) abroad: by increasing the funds attracted by Lithuanian entities from international R&D&I programms; by attracting investments in innovative projects for the global market and export high value-added products and services (innovations) (helping companies to get out of the R&D “sandbox” in Lithuania).

Duration: 2019.11.01 – 2022.11.30

Budget: 2 046 264,00 Euro

Facilitation of implementation of smart specialization R&D results by digitizing production processes in industrial enterprises (Smart InoTech industry)

The goal of the project is to encourage Lithuanian industrial enterprises to absorb (implement) R&D results in the field of Smart Specialization by digitizing production processes in order to increase the production of high value-added products.

Duration: 2019 March – 2022 March (36 months)

Budget: 2.2m Euro

Innovation networking stimulation and development (InoLink)

The goal of the project is to motivate enterprises to merge into clusters, increase the maturity of clusters, stimulate growth and international cooperation.

Duration: 2016.07.12 – 2022.11.30

Budget: 2 411 024,02 Euro

Innovation consulting and support services for business (Inospurtas)

The goal of the project is to increase the innovativeness of enterprises and to motivate them to develop R&D&I more actively, by providing enterprises with innovation consulting and support services.

Duration: 2017 March – 2020 March (36 months) prolonged

Budget: 3 815 791,31 Euro

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