Innovation networking stimulation and development

Managing partner:

Duration: 2016.07.12 – 2022.11.30

Budget: 2 411 024,02 Euro

The goal of the project is to motivate enterprises to merge into clusters, increase the maturity of clusters, stimulate growth and international cooperation.


During the project, cluster maturation sessions, targeted expert consultations on cluster development and growth issues, events for clusters and information events for SMEs will be organized, information will be disseminated through (website content in Lithuanian and English). In order to achieve the internationalization of Lithuanian clusters, foreign partner search events will be organized according to smart specialization priorities, partner search services will be provided, consultations on the inclusion of new international members in clusters and the involvement of Lithuanian SMEs in clusters operating abroad will be provided. There will bea publication on Lirhuanian-based clusters investing in technologies and R&D&I published.





Lithuanian Innovation Center
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