Boosting the participation of women entrepreneurs in the Horizon 2020-SME Instrument programme

EMPOWA is a strategic alliance of research, innovation and business stakeholders, aiming to boost the participation of women entrepreneurs in the Horizon 2020-SME Instrument programme. According to the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan, women face more difficulties than men when running a business. At the same time, a large pool of educated women do not consider entrepreneurship as an option, while women researchers remain significantly underrepresented in the business sector. Despite the EC support mechanisms for enhancing women entrepreneurship, and the H2020 targets for gender equality in Research & Innovation, women are also under-represented in the flagships programme of H2020, the SME Instrument.


Against the background of these findings, EMPOWA wants to:

  • identify women entrepreneurs with innovative companies and potential to successfully apply for the SME instrument;
  • raise awareness on the SME instrument and related Enterprise Europe Network support services;
  • deliver Training, Mentoring and Advisory services tailored to the needs of women entrepreneurs;
  • share good practices, lessons learned and success stories and create a role model for women entrepreneurs with potential to disrupt the European and global market.


Coordinator: The National Documentation Centre EKT (GR).


Partners: ZENIT GmbH (DE), Agency for the Promotion of European Research APRE (IT), ACCIÓ (ES), Bulgarian Industrial Association: Union of the Bulgarian Business BIA (BR), Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LT).


Project’s website: http://empowa.eu/.


Project duration: 1 November 2017 – 31 October 2019 (24 months).

Project is implemented from Horizon 2020 programme.  


Contacts: Mantas Vilys, Project Manager, ph.: +370 686 50156, e-mail: m.vilys@lic.lt.



Last time updated: 2019-02-12 10:19


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