Supporting Non-technological Innovation in Owner-managed Manufacturing SMEs through increased capacity of business intermediaries

Project seeks to advance the Baltic Sea Region performance in non-technological innovation based on increased capacity of innovation actors.


The project will target non-technological innovation in selected sub-categories of manufacturing owner-managed SMEs in four countries with diverse business culture and infrastructure in the Baltic Sea Region – Lithuania, Finland, Poland and Denmark. Through a transnational co-creation process with involvement of non-profit intermediary organisations, owner-managers and universities of applied science the project will introduce outputs that all together are expected to demonstrate significantly higher and measurable effects on the business outcomes from the counselling.


Main outputs:


A counselling toolbox containing four elements:

  1. A 6-step counselling process concept (describing all generic procedures from setting up the cooperation between the intermediary and the owner-manager till fulfilment of action plan);
  2. An instruction guide to the 6-step counselling process;
  3. A spider-web tool (including thematic business-related challenges);
  4. An instruction guide to the spider-web tool.


A supporting toolbox containing four elements:

  1. A train-the-trainer course programme (targeted intermediaries, operated by HEIs);
  2. Curriculum and VET modules (targeted active and future intermediaries and owner-managers, operated by HEIs);
  3. A business model guideline (targeted intermediaries);
  4. A guideline for networking (targeted intermediaries and owner-managers).


Leader: VIA University College (DK).


Partners: Gdansk University of Technology (PL), Häme University of Applied Science Ltd. (FI), Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (LT), Hanseatic Parliament (DE), BusinessHorsens (DK), Business Development Centre Central Denmark (DK), Vilnius Industry and Business Association (VPVA) (LT), Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LT), Federation of Finnish Enterprises in Häme (FI), Pomerania Development Agency Co. (PL), Free Entrepreneurship Association, Regional Department Gdańsk (PL), Finnish Institute for Enterprise Management (FI).


Project duration: 1 October 2017 – 30 September 2020 (36 months).


Total project budget: 2.09 M €.


Contacts: Ingrida Tinfaviciene, Project Manager, ph.: +370 523 56116, e-mail:

Last time updated: 2019-02-12 11:11


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